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Update, Morane N

The Morane N project continues, photos and progress report coming soon. (mike lee)


A note from Michael Lee - and the experimental nature of Graham Lee's aircraft designs

Nieuport 11 Cowls

The COWL on C-IRCA is made of fiberglass according to the description in the plans. I have since made a mold and can produce cowls in the Horseshoe style with the cheek fairings, OR full round without fairings.

The Cowls are molded in 2 halves for a lower shipping rate (by UPS typically about $35.00) a tube of 5 minute epoxy and a few rivets will assemble the halves Remove the rivets, and fill the holes. Clean and paint. Very Authentic looking.

The Horseshoe is suitable for the 7/8 scale Nieuport 11, 12, 16, SS-D1 and Sopwith Baby. The full round cowl is for the Nieuports 17, 24 and 27, Nie 12 Beardmore and 12 bis and Morane Bullet.

Diameter 34 inches, Length 20 inches. (scale length is 16”) Cowl price is $200.00 (see order page).

Replica Armament

These Machine gun models originated with the 7/8th Nieuport 11 and are made of light wood for WW - 1 replicas. The Lewis and Spandau are available in 7/8 scale or Full Size. Plans are 12 pages CAD drawn. Uses pine, dowels and hand carved “fiddley bits” (yes that’s a technical term)

Strut Plugs

Now available, set of machined aluminum plugs used in the Assembly of wing compression struts and for engine Mount attachments on the longerons. Complete sets Available for Nieuports, Morane, Tabloid, Miranda, Beamcraft 1 and 2.

ECDS: Not a saftey chute, but a chute deployment system

The ECDS was developed for the Chinook WT - 11 and tested many times. Deployment time is 1.5 seconds. The system was deployed at Oshkosh by Test pilot Dennis Maland, who popped the chute, drifted down, detached the chute and glided to a landing just under it in time to catch it before it hit the ground.

The system is a small torpedo that easily mounts under the wing or on a strut. The drogue is spring loaded for instant deployment. A small piece of styrofoam is lost with each deployment and can be easily carved for replacement. Generally suited to used cargo chutes.