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Update, Morane N

The Morane N project continues, photos and progress report coming soon. (mike lee)


A note from Michael Lee - and the experimental nature of Graham Lee's aircraft designs

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The Morane Saulnier N or Bullet

is an earlier WW1 Design, one of the first to have a gun that fired through the propeller. But ammunition being poor quality required deflector plates on the propeller to catch those slow to fire rounds. This Shoulder wing design was faster than anything around at the time despite being wire braced and having an under cambered wing to give it a slower stall speed.

It is constructed just like the Nieuport, of tubes and gussets, but has the addition of 1/8 plywood formers and stringers to round out the fuselage. Of course one could forego the formers and change the tail to produce a Pfalz (the German variant) Weve added proper ailerons, as they did on the later models, and if you wish you can split the flying stabilator into stab and elevator. But it flew well either way.

Best Performance with Rotax or Hirth ~ 500cc 2.5 or 3:1 reduction. VW is possible, but performance will suffer appreciably in acceleration and climb due to short propeller diameter. Rotax 503 will swing a 72 X 33 or 68 X 34 and really perform. VWs will swing 60 or 61 inch @ 3000 RPM with just over Half the thrust.

Wingspan 23 ft 10 in
Wing Area 117.5
Length 19 ft 3 in
Height ~6 ft
Weight ~275 lbs empty
Fuel Tank Up to 12 US gal.
Stall mid 30's
Cruise mid 70's
Top Speed 100+
Never Exceed 115
Gross wt. 600 lbs
G Factor 5.7+ 2.8-