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Update, Morane N

The Morane N project continues, photos and progress report coming soon. (mike lee)


A note from Michael Lee - and the experimental nature of Graham Lee's aircraft designs

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Sopwith Tabloid and Baby

This is a 2 plane set of plans. You can combine the desireable aspects of both. The Tabloid was produced first as a Bennet racer, and did very well. It was then adopted by the military. With all of the accessories added, it needed a bigger engine, a change of cowl, and rudder to become the Sopwith Baby. Both aircraft were 2 place side by side, but in 7/8 scale they are perfect for the average 200 pound pilot of today. The Sopwith’s construction techniques are similar to the Nieuports. The fuselage can be built in a couple of weekends, and wing ribs will only take a couple of hours to bend.

Best Performance (Baby) Rotax 582 or Hirth with 72 inch or larger prop. The Tabloid can be VW powered due to the smaller cowl, but will need a 2100 CC Or larger engine.

NOTE: The skids are necessary with the rearward placed wheels. The wheels can be positioned as on the baby without tip over skids.

Wingspan 21 ft 75 in
Wing Area 195 sq. ft.
Length 19 ft 5 in
Height 7 ft 43 in
Weight ~325 lbs
Fuel Tank 12 - 15 US gal.
Stall ~35 MPH
Cruise ~75 MPH
Top Speed ~90
Never Exceed 110
Gross wt. 650 lbs
G Factor 5.7+ 2.8-