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Update, Morane N

The Morane N project continues, photos and progress report coming soon. (mike lee)


A note from Michael Lee - and the experimental nature of Graham Lee's aircraft designs

Unauthorized Kits and Plans, and A few notes from Michael Lee about some of Graham's Designs:

It is unfortunate that this page needs to appear on Circa Reproduction’s website, however The actions of a couple of people (and the complaints we have received from many of our Builders) necessitate a few words here:

First of all Circa Reproductions Inc. is the sole owner of ALL copyrights and all intellectual property of Graham Lee’s designs. Further, Circa wishes it to be known that there are NO Authorized resellers of Circa’s plans, or kits whatsoever. Anyone representing themselves otherwise may be providing illegally copied material or otherwise infringing upon the intellectual property of Graham Lee, in which Circa Reproductions has been incorporated as a legal entity to protect.

I would like to make it known that I have already gathered information to support my concerns And thank those who have (and continue ) to provide me any information which provides me proof Of :

- Illegal or unauthorized duplication / distribution of Graham Lee’s copyrighted materials.
- Illegal or unauthorized misrepresentation of any product or service associated with Graham Lee, Circa Reproductions or the intellectual property thereof.

For over 20 years now, Graham has unselfishly given amateur built aircraft enthusiasts his ideas, support, advice and know how. And his only compensation for this service is the sales of his plans. Respect of copyrights is a growing issue in today’s information society, and it affects individuals as well as large corporations. However, individuals buying “copies” of Graham’s plans hurt Graham far more that someone innocently using a copy of some word processing software (or the like) Sold by a large Corporation.

I want to encourage everyone to respect these copyrights, and in kind, Circa Reproductions promises to offer the value and dedicated support that our builders and supporters deserve.

A few words concerning Graham Lee's plans and designs:
It may appear obvious to most, but nontheless, Circa Reproductions wishes to make it known that all of Graham Lee's designs are experimental in nature, whether several hundred examples have flown successfully worldwide (some for over 20 years), or if they have just left his drawing board.

many of the plan sets which are offered by Circa were originally developed for instructional purposes, and offered at very reasonable costs, with an associated unlimited online advice and assistance given to amateur builders (through newsgroups) who wished to learn to construct an experimental aircraft safely, with a minimum of expense.

In these days where nothing is for free, Graham's intentions in distributing some of his experimental designs were to be an unselfish offering of his know how to help people realize a dream of homebuilt aviation.

It is indeed unforunate that a very small number of petty, vindictive individuals have resorted to exploitive, manipulative and defamatory words, actions, and web postings for no other reason than to try to damage Graham's reputation, impact his income, and assault his character

I personally would like it to be known, that by virtue of the incorporation of Circa Reproductions, the creation of this website; and most important of all; the support of all our builder friends and enthusiasts out there, Graham will continue to offer his ideas, support and products to those who are looking for a positive, safe and rewarding experience in amateur built aviation.

I want to thank all of you who have provided Graham support over the years, and those who have come forward with specific information which may be usefull to Circa Reproductions in future to seek remedies to the damages incurred.

God bless all, and please build and fly safe!

Respectfully submitted,
Michael Lee
Circa Reproductions Inc.